Friday, January 12, 2007

Mikä on mun blogipersoonan väri?

What's the Color of Your Blog Personality? Quiz at About Web logs and...

My Blog Personality's True Color Is...
It's all about peace and serenity.
In everything that I do, I seek calmness. I do my best to stay away from stress and conflict. And, I try to reflect these things when I blog.

En kyllä ihan täysin allekirjoittasi tuota testin tulosta,mutta testi oli ihan hauska ja leppoisa. Tykkään muutenkin silloin tällöin tehdä testejä. Tulokseen vaikutti varmaan aikalailla se, että sininen on niin hallitseva väri täällä. Se on lempivärini ja olen rauhallinen luonteeltani, mutta ei kai nyt sentään blogini noin rauhalliselta ja harmooniselta vaikuta.

Tämän testin löysin ihanasta Ilkas Attic-blogista.


santa mistura said...

kirsi one day try to use is a dynamic template that you can created a raport for your background... only that in the end when you finish you will must to write again about your favorites links, but you stay with all the rest... the old posts and blogger link
but before to delete you template that you have today( paste over the old template, you can: first make a copy of your model of tempate in the word after see if the new one did you like more in preview of blogger and if you like, just change ; ))
the backgroung you can save the file and flickr and after to post the image during you make the process or inside after your management of you model in blogger

santa mistura said...

the psyco i have use for to start my blog, is easy and free ;))

Kirsi said...

Thank you, Santa Mistura, I'll try one day, I like your blog so much, it looks always so great!

Millam said...

laitoin tuonne neulatyynyosion kommentteihin ostotiedustelun... Varmistelen näin näkymisen... ;)

santa mistura said...

; )) you must kirsi
have a nice weekend ; ))