Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Don't go back to sleep

Digital Collage by Itkupilli

One more Rumi’s poem:

For years, copying other people, I tried to know myself.

From within, I couldn’t decide what to do.

Unable to see, I heard my name being called.

Then I walked outside.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill

where the two worlds touch.

The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.

Version by Coleman Barks


SusuPetal said...

If one doesn't know oneself, the only way to cope is to copy other people. Some settle for that for their whole life and they wonder why they are feeling bad and blue.

But when one realizes the power of being oneself -you and you alone!- the anxiety vanishes and you can truly begin to live.

These thoughts came to my mind looking at your beautiful picture and reading the lines you've written.

Ana Banana said...

Good morning...or evening to you, Kirsi. I will not go back to sleep, I just woke-up. I go straight to my computer to check-out of there are any more naked men hanging around!

This is beautiful once again, the image and the poem. I adore Rumi's poetry. I have a couple books of his work. I love the word imagery he uses to describe the undescribable. Yes, do not go back to sleep, Kirsi. You are where the two worlds touch and the door is soft and you.

I enjoyed your company yesterday, woman! You are very funny. I hope Anajo posts another provocative one soon...

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

I adore and admire you. You amaze me everyday more and more. You surely know who you are, at least I do. You are an incredible wise and profound. Thanks again.:))


Good morning. And thanks again. Rumi’s poetry is so astonishing, that I had to put one more.

Yes, incredible fun party we had yesterday. You are all so funny company. I can’t wait what Anajo invent next…and looks like we can trust Okjimm. He won’t leave us.;D

okjimm said...

//and looks like we can trust Okjimm. He won’t leave us.;D //

no. I will not. too many smiles. Too many new, wonderful new information. I now need to learn more about aquaint myself on where my new friend is. :)

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Okjimm, you are sweet! :)

okjimm said...

//Okjimm, you are sweet//

it must be due to the people I blog around with!!

I wish there was enough time to have as much fun as we all had yesterday.... I know we all will again.

must get back to work

Ana Banana said...

I sure am glad okjimm won't leave us. I've scared a few away all on my own, before, with talk of sexual innuendo. Some men are not as relaxed about that as you, okjimm. I am happy you can joke back in that way and also your sensitivity is wonderful for sure! Maybe you two, Kirsi and okjimm, will one day meet in real time! seems that there might be more than a little connection going on between you two...;o)...hmmmm both single, both poetic, both funny, both sexy...etc.

yes, back to work for me, too.

Shrink wrapped scream said...

You really have woken up, sweet lady, haven't you? A joy to read. x

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Shrink, I've woken but still a little bit drowsy and disordered. And for sure I don't go back to sleep!!!!

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

AnaB and Okjimm,
I think that we can really recognize real friends thereof that they remain even you do something stupid, although I don’t mean that we have done anything stupid ...yet…thank you and Anajo and Mary Ellen as well…

okjimm said...


//you two, Kirsi and okjimm, will one day meet in real time! //

A-Ha!! trying to do match-making on the blog!! I think that may be against the rules.......if there were rules!! Besides, she should be swimming over here, now.


//real friends thereof that they remain even you do something stupid, although I don’t mean that we have done anything stupid ...yet//

Swimming to Wisconsin some may consider that stupid....I just think it maybe a bit silly....but certainly not stupid. Please have a good night.


goatman said...

I have never been one to copy others. And I am not a morning person; but maybe I should try that?
I am happy to see your art and, though I do not have a fast connection, it all comes down eventually. The best to you.
Thanks for the Rumi, I am beginning to see the attraction.

Ana Banana said...

yes, absolutely no rules, okjimm! And that's how it should be. That is love. there are no rules to meeting and falling for people. who cares where, right, whether it's bloggerville, bar, or online single's site. And if only friends, well great, too. but you never know...hehehehe...and I LOVE a good love story! I of course will be watching as the drama plays out and will be cheering you on for sure! yes, she's on her way now.

I think I also have a boring life and have to live vicariously through single people.

yes, that is always a good sign of friendship...the friend is there even when we talk about naked men, shrinkage, stalking, and crossing the ocean to get laid. ;o)

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Speaking about being stupid, I was talking with my son, and I suddenly asked him, if he knows something about Wisconsin….he laugh laugh and laugh and asked just Wisconsin US? How can somebody possible ask something so stupid? The stupidest question ever heard….

Then after while he said, that ok, luckily you didn’t asked about Utah! :))

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Goatman hi!
Nice to see an other Rumi blogger, indeed there is something so mystical in his poetry..:)


My blog is a totally free zone...but I must disappoint you, I’m still here. I can’t close my laptop too much going on here…:)

okjimm said...

AnaB!!! Shame on you!!

//and crossing the ocean to get laid. ;o) //

I would never--ever--cross an ocean just to get laid!!!! I would insist on dinner and wine and theatre tickets, and afternoon at the zoo, and moon-lit walks.............then we get laid!

Kirsi--it is too late for you to be up....get some's a long swim!

//The stupidest question ever heard….//

awww, not really...there are a lot of people in the US who would have difficulty finding Wisconsin on a say nothing of New Mexico!!

* get some rest *


Kelly said...

Kirsi, that was great!! The artwork and the poem~perfect!!
Has there been a "connection" in the blogosphere? Hmm....You've been busy huh? ;)
Good for you!! You deserve whatever happiness comes your way!!

Ana Banana said...

yes, I understand...attached to the laptop! yeah, me too. I don't know what I would do without it. It seems all of my friends are inside. I do wonder what would happen if my laptop suddenly broke! I think I would for sure be traumatized! As well, i don't know what I will do when the husband says it's time to take a vacation! no internet on the road and summer is coming...!

Maybe some mind travel is necessary, Kirsi. We will all concentrate. Ready, okjimm? I'm going to start visualizing now...I can see Kirsi very well, but, um...well, it's very difficult to see you, okjimm. I think maybe we need a description of what you look like...or a photograph would do! It's okay, if you are shy about yourself...I'm sure Kirsi also believes beautiful is on the inside. But I am very curious, okjimm. And I think it is necessary for good visualization!


Ana Banana said...

yes, okjimm, I am one American who would have difficulty finding California on the map, never mind Wisconsin.

And, yes, I am a shameful woman...I admit it. But I wouldn't need the dinner or the theatre tickets for sure! you'd be jumped before you would have the chance.

Ana Banana said...

what time is it in Finland, Kirsi? is it bedtime all ready? ahhhh...that is good time for visualization for sure!

okjimm...description...hurry! before she goes to bed.

shame, shame, shame...


*ItkUpiLLi* said...

You are a real gentleman I must say…and I must admit that I’ve slept a little too less lately…

And moon-lit walks.............then we get laid! That was beautifully said…


Thanks Kelly,
Yes indeed, has been quite fun lately and busy…


Surely inner beauty is most important, but I wouldn’t mind hear little bit more about Okjimm, he sees us but we don’t see him…hmm….

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

And AnaB and Okjimm
The funny part for my son about that question was, that he surely knows Wisconsin (we have school here) ...that’s why he laugh so much... hey and even I could find most of your states from map...

Ana Banana said...

funny, Kirsi...

yes, we have school here, too. But it is more like childcare than a source of education. I am embarassed by my lack of a solid education, in comparison to other people from other countries.

It appears to me that ignorance helps run this country. But I won't go there...

ThanKwee said...

Well, Kirsi must be fast asleep by now and having sweet dreams of entering soft round doors.

And there's AnaBanana doing some match making.. hahahaha!!

And Jim is still busy at work.

Et la saga continue, right AnaB?

Hmmmm... I'll check back later to see if OKJ will show us a picture.

In the meantime, I'm working on a commission and the client has been asking me when I'll complete the painting.. So back to work for AnaJ!

ThanKwee said...

Oh, and, AnaB, I agree with you completely about our schools here. We learn next to nothing about other countries and even what we learn about our own history is lacking.

Anything I know, I learned on my own.

Mauricio said...

Hi ItkUpiLLi :o)

Wonderfull collage, wonderfull model.

Take care

okjimm said...

***it must be midnight!! Get some rest!! I will poem you tomorrow.


Maybe AnaJo will have new nudies by then

it is only 4pm in the afternoon, here, and I truly must get much done. do not mean to be brief.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Hyvää yötä! Good night everybody!

Let’s see what I find in the morning here….:)

okjimm said...


//if OKJ will show us a picture//

...but, honestly...I look just like the painting you posted yesterday....but the hair is dark and a bit shorter, and I have a 'very' distinguised mustache and beard, intellectual-looking glasses and.........just a bit 'better' endowed. Gotta be a cold ocean to give me shrinkage problems, ahem! Hope you gotta lotta work done...later

d-cima said...


more architectonic beauty ...
more feminine beauty ...
more poetry...
and your playing like the childrens!
innocently ....

all it gives happiness me,Kirsi!

Kiss for you and yuor news friends


Mick said...

Another image that I'm wild about! I love the contrasting warm and cool colors. Is that some flying thing above? It looks like a crow. Anyway, 'baby's got back'! I like it! :D

okjimm said...

Standing Still

I wasin one of my dreams where
I don't spare any colour
I was in one of my dreams
when I felt alive
and every once in a while
I'd say to you
every once in a while
I'd say to you
this is so beautifully furnished
so beautifully scripted
I see these memories now
on a screen
and the music innocent as a bird song
music innocent as a bird song
I suspended all concern for health
I suspended all reasons
to answer for myself
and all of what appeared unreal
was all of what you cannot feel

I wanna hide
I wanna dig deep
pull over me
that hot cape of sleep
so every hour I never filled
can't turn and leave me standing still
I wanna be working now

how long do you keep your nerves up
from close to the surface
how long till the comedy
knocks you in your head
the stiff motivation
that comes with rules
is everywhere and all at once
the infection makes it easy
for you to succumb
and through the chane of faith
that change assumes
you can forget the names
but not the wounds

I suspended all concern for health
I suspended all reasons
to answer for myself
and all of what appeared unreal
was all of what you cannot feel

I wanna hide
I wanna dig deep
pull over me
that hot cape of sleep
so every hour I never filled
can't turn and leave me standing still
I wanna be working now is a song written by a guy names Jules Shear and song by Ian Matthews, an old favorite of mine

you may be able to listen to it if you paste this

read your mail/mail I want to leave you a note

okjimm said...


//I wouldn't need the dinner or the theatre tickets for sure! you'd be jumped before you would have the chance// say the nicest things!!

...but would you call me in the morning?

okjimm said...

PS I will see if my daughter can help me post a photo ): ---I am very shy...seriously....and I would not have a clue how to do it myself.....electronically inept

ThanKwee said...

But would you call me in the morning


Lovely song Okjimm! And it perfectly suits Kirsi! She will love it.

Ana Banana said...

yes, I agree, very lovely song...I think Kirsi will like. It would touch my heart. And if you sung would make any woman fall in love.

and I wouldn't have to call you in the morning, okjimm...I always overstay my visits.

Kelly said...

What picture are y'all talking about? I wanna see!! lol

Ana Banana said...

kelly...the picture that has created all this stir is at Anajo's blog ( You will see it for sure if you go there. You might want to read the comments, too. We all had a very good time with okjimm...

Ana Banana said...

Kirsi! I am still up! I have not gone to bed yet, and you are starting your new day! This is really a time warp! And then when I am sleeping in about another 15 minutes (it will be 11:00 PM here), you will be out and about and doing your thing, maybe blogging. I will be off in dreamland. Wish I didn't have to sleep. That way I could stay up and see what you do on the other side of the earth. Well I will be up bright and early tomorrow when it is evening for you and we will carry on again with okjimm and anajo and the others...

goodnight, dear friend Kirsi.

a kiss to you.

auringonkukkametsa said...

I love your pictures!
This one is so beautiful that it makes me to dream about wonderful things : )

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Hyvää huomenta! Good morning!

Mauricio thanks, and take care


You are so kind,
I’m happy to see how you understand
my childish playing.
And thanks for your lovely words,

Kiss and hug to you my Principe


Mick, hi
Thanks, flying crow? I didn’t put that in purpose, but like you know, strange things can happen.


I guess you have to marry me, that I could listen that song, I tried but:

U.S. Only
We're sorry. We have detected that you are outside of the United States. This service is currently only available to residents within the United States.


You really should go to check Thankwee blog…


AnaB and Anajo

You are so incredible women, I get back to you later….


Happy to hear, keep dreaming. Kiva kun pistäydyit taas.

cosmic clown said...

oh lovely collage itkupilli...and a lovely poem from Rumi....great.....:)
"do not go back to sleep.."..lovely indeed...:)

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Cosmic clown,
I know you know what it means. :)

okjimm said...

good morning!!

//This service is currently only available to residents within the United States.//

Ah...nasty national chauvinism rears it's ugly head on the internet!!! I like a lot of different kind of is a shame that you could not listen...I will have my son see if there is a way ....he is a film/media student and works wonders with downloading music files....the pirate!! But a very nice one! It is his 21st birthday this weekend....there will be a party at his mother's....all my ex-in-laws.....that I never cared for in the first place....I will be polite.........such a challenge, though. I start holiday tommorrow...taking my daughter to the University for her will be busy and I must MUST finish so much today.



(is that correct?)

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Oh Jimm


Minä rakastan sinua = I love you. Sinä rakastat minua = you love me.....

You break my heart…so cute…, and don’t mind the postpositions….I will teach you more...

My son is 20 years, and without his help I couldn’t even open my laptop. He has taught me everything I know about computers.

okjimm said...

//You break my heart//

the heart is what ever promise you want it to be.... broken hearts, unlike promises, though.....can always be made whole.....just takes love....wherever form, shape, or location it can be found

Minä rakastan sinua

gees----learning Finnish!!

meeting in five minutes...must run

*ItkUpiLLi* said...


// broken hearts, unlike promises, though.....can always be made whole...//

That is a genius line….I think that people with broken hearts can help each other…and should. I so appreciate your are really true friend.

Ana Banana said...

It is spring and many things are in bloom...ahhhh...beautiful. Maybe something blossoming in bloggerville.

Good morning, Kirsi. Or I guess good evening to you. I just awoke. And soon your evening begins. As the world turns on bloggerville continues.
Good morning to you, to, okjimm.

ThanKwee said...

Hyvää Päivää Kirsi. Minä rakastan sinua!

And good day to AnaB and OKJimm. I love you guys too. :)

Such a lovely words to read here at Kirsi's place. I just went through the round door and found this love inside.

And hi to Kelly who wishes to see loverly picture.. lol

Elegia said...

Tässä on kyllä unenomainen tunnelma. Kääntänyt jo selkänsä muulle maailmalle, menossa omaan. Uneen(sa). Paljon ajatuksia syntyy tästä kauniista collagesta.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Kiitos for all you wonderful ladies...I think I can soon start post in Finnish! :))

okjimm said...

ah...I have missed you to day...and the Ana's...B&J....I have a very busy schedule today...most of the morings were in meetings and we lost our Internet connection at work....a good thing as I had much to do....

Tomorrow I take my daughter to the Univesity for orientation, saturday I have volunteered to help a friend install a fence...sunday is my son's birthday and monday is national holiday...there are parties and cookouts......I wish that you all could attend....alas!

Kirsi...I have your note...have not had time to read well....I will

it warms me that you are you and you are Kirsi :)

The first concert of the season is at the river tonight....they are not anyone I am particulary interested in seeing.. but it is only .744871 EUR (I love internet conversion tables) I will talk with Miriam tomorrow and see if I can talk to her about posting some photos. I will try to make it a surprise......and be as creative as the women here.

I must run. much to do. I want to find where JoA and Sweet banana may be lurking and say hello....and read mail.

dream well tonight.