Thursday, May 10, 2007

God is love!

Digital Collage by Itkupilli

God is love, pure absolute power. Power beyond measure! Nothing else, nothing less.

Am I insulting God, by claiming he’s just some mysterious unknown power? You think he wants me to believe he is something more, like angry father, who just looks somewhere else, when I need his helping hand. And if I don’t know his right name, he refuses to help me. He has all power, but he wants first me to suffer enough, and then he might help me, just might, If I make stupid things, he hurts his feelings. He wants me to worship him, abandon everything else. Is this more like God? Something easier to accept to be truth?

No thanks, this kind of God I don’t want to even consider to meet. And for what I could need God like that?

God is love. We all have this mighty power ready to use. And love with forgiveness, beautiful combination, gives us divine force called mercy. The most powerful force of the universe.

Love, forgive, have mercy!

OMG! How can I just love, when everyone else is so frightful bad? World is so spoiled place. I surely need some other forces to protect me, like fear, anger, doubt… I don’t’ dare to put my life to the hands of God!

Just trust in love? A dangerous thought? Have you ever tried? So how can you tell? Don’t blame God if you’re the coward!


Ana Banana said...

You are beautiful.

I have found, Kirsi, that a lot of people are very frightened of "pure" and uninhibited love -- especially men. I think those people feel safer when they are treated in a mean spirited manner. Only then do they turn around and fear they are not loved and crave one's love more. Try to love this type of person honestly and purely is like playing a big game...a viscious cycle of insane and hurtful events. I can only love in an honest and pure manner, no matter is it scares people away. And I agree, Love IS God!

Breathtaking image, by the way.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...


I've been quite cautious to express my thouhgts, but now I've spitted it out and I'm glad I did it. Just your comment is enough prove I did right. So strange it is, how much we fear love...really like a dangerous game, but if you don't dare to play, you can't win.
Thanks for your politeness. :)

Anonymous said...

I have found that people fear what they don't understand. And this includes, I think, people fearing different groups of people. Just because were all different, doesn't mean anyone needs to be in fear of anyone, we all need to learn to understand, and if not understand, then just acceptance.
I think everything we need is inside of us waiting to be let out and I think we were created to express ourselves, the good, the bad and the ugly~they're all perfectly normal human emotions~its how we do it and who we hurt when we do it that makes it mean~all the world needs is love!

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Funky, I totally agree. Unfortnuately we have so many blockings to prevent pure love to run through us. The worst is fear. But of course the good news is, that's only our own fear. we must get rid of.
I'm so happy that I find so fine and warm hearted people like you.

auringonkukkametsa said...

I'm visiting first time your beautiful blog and I think that this picture (God is love!) is the best!

Do you give me permission to link this picture in my blog and recommend your blog?

*ItkUpiLLi* said...

Kiitos Auringonkukkametsä.

Surely you get my permission to link. I honered. :)

Ja tosi kiva blogi sinullakin. Kävin ihan pika vilkasulla, mutta palaan takaisin myöhemmin.:)

auringonkukkametsa said...

Kiitos luvasta, tässä linkki juttuun:
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