Sunday, July 15, 2007

This Is The Beginning....From 0 to 1....

Digital Collage by Itkupilli


entering a new phase
striking out on a new path
expanding horizons
starting something new
beginning an adventure
going on a journey
heading into the unknown

being spontaneous
living in the moment
letting go of expectations
doing the unexpected
acting on impulse
feeling uninhibited
surprising someone
feeling carefree

having faith
trusting the flow
staying open
letting go of worry and fear
feeling protected and loved
living in joy
recapturing innocence

embracing folly
accepting your choices
taking the "foolish" path
pursuing a pipe dream
being true to yourself
taking a "crazy" chance
trusting your heart's desire


SJ said...

Cool. I am at a beginning of a new phase in my life so relates to me.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...


Oh me too....everything old has come to the end....and new things are just beginning...and i m looking forward to....

//taking a "crazy" chance
trusting your heart's desire//..:)

drips of paint said... are walking your talk then.....congrats & good luck!

look the fool is going to take the plunge..

every senctence here is a post of wisdom

I love this post...

cima said...


"....but the more long trip begins with a step..."

Lao Tse

Kiss Kirsi

Rob said...

nice picture, though looks like he is about to get eaten by the tiger. the poor fool!

*ItkUpiLLi* said...


Thank u...kind and spurring words...



That wisdon is always good to remember....thank u..

**** no tiger can't harm him...just little snapping...he is above all fears...:)

goatman said...

Hold your breath 'cause this is going to be a wild trip. Please report observations.
Best to ya.

*ItkUpiLLi* said...


I will breathe when time is right...:)

Nicole said...

This looks fabulous, love this ;-) I linked you to my blog, if this is ok. ;-)

Anonymous said...


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